​This sought-after setting is the ideal place for an early evening rendezvous, a lively catch-up over cocktails, or an intimate late-night conversation. 

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​Perfect for naughty cocktails or a late-night pilgrimage

​The lavish surroundings of The Baptist Bar were created by leading décorateur Jacques Garcia. Enjoy our mischievous array of Old and New Testament cocktails, or join those in-the-know and catch our exclusive programme of visiting musicians in this chic central London hideaway.

Opening times

Monday to Wednesday

16.00 – 00.00

Thursday to Saturday

16.00 – 02.00

Please note The Baptist is closed on a Sunday.

The Blue Tree Yard

Located next to the Baptist Bar, Jacques Garcia created a small and secret garden. The sheltering canopy is a copper tree in full blue blossom, hung with birdcages and beautiful foliage.

It is the perfect setting to sip on a soothing glass of wine or to explore our extensive cigar menu.

Cigar Menu